Pet Urine Removal Treatment

79% of pet owners consider their pets "part of their family."

Recurring issues with pet accidents cause stress and anxiety.

If You've Got Pets, You've Got Smell

Like children, pets have accidents, too. Even the most well-mannered and obedient of our furry friends are prone to urinating and defecating inside the home. Most of us blot up the urine with a rag or paper towel and apply an over-the-counter odor removal treatment. While this is a great first step, it is not enough to tackle what pee has made its way below the surface of your carpets or upholstery.

All Star Chem-Dry: A Solution for Treating the Odor

If you've got a lingering pet odor issue and are unable to resolve it by your own methods, give us a call. Pet urine seeps down below the fibers of rugs and carpet into your floor padding and subfloor. Subsequently, your pet's accidents can become more problematic if left untreated properly. These hidden "treats" become breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Unfortunately, most at-home cleaning methods, like Rug Doctors® and Resolve®, have a tendancy to set the stains left behind. The odor from the pet urine is often masked, rather than eliminated, by the perfumes in carpet shampoos and spot removers.

Effective Pet Removal in 3 Easy Steps

Identify the Source

We begin by utilizing a black light to identify as many sources of the odor as possible. Often, our technicians even go as far as to use their "snouts" to pinpoint where your pet(s) have urinated.

Saturate with P.U.R.T.

Once we've identified as many of the urine concetrations as possible, our technicians saturate the spots with our proprietary solution: Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.)

Extract with H.C.E.

Our powerful, truck-mounted equipment pulls from deep under your carpets to bring the contaminants to the surface and whisk them away.

Professional Pet Urine Removal Treatment - All Star Chem-Dry

P.U.R.T. Treats Odors Safely AND Effectively

As with our other products, we at All Star Chem-Dry use a proprietary solution that is all-natural and nontoxic: P.U.R.T. Aptly named, our Pet Urine Removal Treatment is a specialized formula that targets the enzymes and urine crystals that are left behind when your cat or dog pees on the carpet. The crystallization and enzyme build up cause odors and require special enzyme-busting ingredients in order to fully eliminate the source of any unpleasant smells. Once saturated, our P.U.R.T. product begins to break down the urine crystals which then off-gas and evaporate. After approximately 5 days, the product has completed it's breakdown and the odor is eliminated. In some cases, additional applications are required to fully eliminate urine buildup.