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At All Star Chem-Dry, we understand that when you call a carpet cleaning service, you’re looking for more than just a basic cleaning that removes the top level of dirt from your carpets. Keep your carpets looking fresh in-between professional cleanings.

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All-Star Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning serving: Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, and The Greater Triad

All Star Chem-Dry is independently owned and has served the Triad and surrounding locations for over 13 years. We strive to provide a quality carpet, rug tile and upholstery cleaning services at a fair price. Our employees have an opportunity for continued education and technical certifications to enhance their passion for their work. Above all, we believe in the ethic of hard work and quality customer service. Our carpet, rug tile and upholstery cleaning products and services meet the values of our ethics code, which puts our relationships with both customers and employees first.

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Why Choose
All Star Chem-Dry?

Pet Urine Removal Treatment

All StarChem-Dry uses equipment to identify where pet urine resides and has penetrated carpet backing and pad.

Chem-Dry Protector

This is the best way to protect your carpets. It is applied at the same time we clean so carpets dry faster. Studies show that carpets that are protected stay cleaner three times longer.

Tested and Proven

When you use less water, carpets simply dry faster. Instead of using gallons of water like typical steam cleaning, All Star Chem-Dry uses only a fraction of the water.

Tested & Proven to Remove Allergens & Improve Air Quality

Carpets Dry in 1-2 Hours

Green Certified Solutions

Tested & Proven

All Star Chem-Dry continues to serve the Greater Triad are and communities across the country.


Carpet Cleaning
With Hot Carbonating Extraction
Sanitizing Service
Disinfection up to 90 days
Pet Urine & Odor Removal
P.U.R.T. Process
Tile & Stone Cleaning
Eliminates* 99.99% bacteria
Leather Cleaning / Restoration
Removes 98% allergens and 89% airborne bacteria
Commercial Cleaning Services
Small local businesses, to multi-location operations
Furniture Cleaning
With Hot Carbonating Extraction
Area & Oriental Rug Cleaning
All types of rugs
Specialty Stain Removal
Blood, wine, grass, coffee, and more
Granite Countertop Renewal
Removes 98.4% bacteria
Wood Floor Cleaning
Wood floors and luxury vinyl tile (LVT)

"Thank you to All Star Chem-Dry for coming out and spraying our stores to protect our customers from virus and germs! We truly appreciate your professionalism and fast service."


"Friendly, professional and genuine people who care represents this company. We’ve used this company for many years and always satisfied with the outcome of their work. Looking forward for them to continue refreshing our carpets in years to come."

- Beverly

"The team was great... efficient and highly effective.  They were very attentive to what I wanted and needed, then made it happen in no time.  The final product was amazing! It’s like new carpet was installed! Best value in carpet cleaning!"


"I am extremely pleased with our results! We had two couches and three rooms done this afternoon. Will and the guy that came to help him we’re awesome. So professional and kind. Brenda in the office was also amazing, she was accommodating and informative. See you in a year. Thanks team!"


"Very nice people and they do an awesome job! I just had Healthy Home, my carpet looks brand new!"


"I am so happy with my tile floor after they cleaned it.  It looks Awesome! I recommend All Star ChemDry Carpet Cleaning as I found out they do tile floors too."


Healthy home news and tips


Taking a sensible approach to carpet cleaning is important in times like these. It is important to reserve our money where we can. That is the key though, where we can. When it comes to carpet cleaning, doing it yourself or using “hacks” that are found online are not always your greatest option. If you try a DIY, you will soon find that your carpets are resoiling faster, and they may have even wound up with some damage. Damaged carpet fibers will shorten the life-span of your carpets. Save money where you can by avoiding buying a whole new carpet!

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3 Reasons to Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

There are many reasons to make sure you're getting your carpets cleaned regularly. If you cannot remember the last time you've had it done, then it is probably time. Professionals recommend at minimum once a year and possibly more often if you have kids or pets. Waiting too long to get your carpets cleaned can cause soil to work its way into the fibers of the carpets which makes it increasingly more difficult to remove. All-Star ChemDry of Greenwood South Carolina are the professionals who will help get your carpets looking and feeling better than you can remember! Let's go over the 3 Reasons to getting your carpet professionally cleaned.

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Allergy Season and Carpet Cleaning

Allergy season is now upon us! If you are a seasonal allergy sufferer, you might start having a scratchy throat, a runny nose, and you might not be able to stop sneezing. Allergies make us feel miserable. 

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Allergies and All Star Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Service

Now that winter has come to an end and you are starting to open your windows, you may have noticed you are sneezing more often! While opening up your windows to let some fresh air sounds amazing, for some it can make them feel miserable. Allergens are waiting outside, and for those that suffer from allergies the home is a safe haven… or is it?

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